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Le 29 August 2018

International Tea day : Five benefits of this delicious drink

You might not be aware, but today is International Tea Day! December 15 is the perfect occasion to put the spotlight on this delicious drink and its multiple benefits. Did you know that tea can help you reawaken a luminous complexion and fight against cutaneous imperfections? We’re here to tell you everything!

Green tea burns fat

Consumed in central Asia’s Patagonian plains for decades, green tea has numerous health benefits. As well as its delicious taste, it boosts the body’s ability to burn fat, helping us keep in shape and stay energized. Our tea Vitali’thé, with its blend of green teas and citrus, is ideal for refreshing the senses and staying in good health.

Tea has a decontaminating effect

This ancestral plant has astringent properties. Rich in tannins, it promotes the body’s absorption of decontaminants, tightens pores and helps eliminate toxins more easily. For oil-prone and combination skin, it reduces the production of sebum. In just one application, our Detox radiance facial mask leaves skin smoother and more radiant.

Tea has powerful anti-aging properties

Tea has a particularly special composition. As well as anti-inflammatory properties thanks to its polyphenols, tea helps protect the skin cells and fights against cutaneous aging. The Stratégie Hydratation moisturizing face cream provides a barrier against external aggressors, leaving skin fresh and hydrated.

Tea energizes skin

In winter, tea is comforting, whilst in summer it acts as a thirst-quencher. In cosmetics, it also has exfoliating properties, leaving skin energized. Our Facial Exfoliant with 4 Teas Elixir gently eliminates impurities while preserving the skin’s tonicity.

Tea is your ally for flawless skin

There’s no reason you can’t benefit from tea’s properties. Whether as a drink or in skincare, it promotes physical wellness. Enjoy all its benefits by discovering our skincare box Hydration Radiance Ritual to instantly discover a radiant complexion!