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Le 29 August 2018


Would you like to have a glowing, flawless complexion throughout the holiday season? All you need is the right beauty routine and best products to ensure picture-perfect skin! Follow our advice and tips to guarantee you’ll be the belle of the ball.

Gently cleanse the pores

 The end of the year is almost upon us and, to look your best on NYE with champagne in one hand and a canapé in the other, a few steps are necessary beforehand. Start by cleansing the skin to reveal its luminosity. With its pores often blocked by pollution and make-up particles, the skin can often look dull and washed-out. For a glowing complexion, start by washing the skin with an exfoliating cleanser. Our Gentle Facial Exfoliant with 4 Teas Elixir is ideal for gently smoothing the surface of the skin, and removing impurities and dead cells.

Thoroughly hydrate the skin

With a perfectly cleansed face, it’s time to pamper your skin through deep hydration, especially important during the winter months. Whether you have dry or oil-prone skin, this step is not one to be skipped. Start by applying our Detox radiance facial mask. Enriched in purifying and detoxifying active ingredients, it tightens the surface of the skin and provides radiance. Leave for fifteen minutes before rinsing off. Follow with the Stratégie Hydratation moisturizing face cream to quench thirsty skin.

Enhance your complexion

The holiday party season is a special time of year. To show your natural beauty at its best, add our Radiance smoothing serumto your skincare routine before applying your moisturizer to further boost its effects. Lastly, for those who really want to stand out from the crowd with glowing skin on New Year’s Eve, apply a few drops of our Shimmering dry oil. Its irresistible fragrance, Tahitian Monoï oil formula and subtly sparkling texture give a mesmerizing finish. What’s more, it’s paraben free – perfect for sensitive skin!

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