Combining the benefits of 4 Teas: an exclusive THÉMAÉ

At the heart of each formula, THÉMAÉ combines assets that work synergistically, for absolute efficacy and well-being. The COMPLEXE DES 4 THÉS® (4 TEA COMPLEX) is an exclusive asset obtained from a precious precisely mixed blend of green Tea, black Tea, white Tea and blue Tea, whose synergy produces exceptional antioxidant effects.

The Complexe des 4 Thés® (4 Tea Complex): an exclusive asset

The THÉMAÉ laboratory has developed a totally unique technology, the Complexe des 4 Thés® (4 Tea Complex). The concept is to use the protective force from not only of a single Tea, but from 4 Teas that nature offers us in a palette of colors. It concentrates the antioxidant and antiradical power of Polyphenols extracted from 4 premium Teas : white Tea + green Tea + black Tea + blue Tea. It intervenes at the cellular level as a “high protection shield” antioxidant and anti-aging.

Characteristics and virtues of our 4 Teas

Green Tea

Popular in Asian countries (especially China, Japan and Korea) and #healthygirls and #fitgirls, Green Tea is a Tea whose natural oxidation is quickly stopped after picking. A method that allows you to further preserve the properties of the leaves.

Stopping the oxidation of Tea leaves can be obtained by two methods:

  • The Chinese method, in which the leaves are heated in vats,
  • The Japanese method of stopping oxidation with steam.
Black Tea

Recognizable by its pronounced flavor and dark color, Black Tea differs from other Teas due to its longer fermentation process.

Thus it undergoes a manufacturing process in 4 stages:

  1. withering removes some of the moisture in fresh leaves. It lasts from 18 to 32 hours.
  2. the rolling of the leaves has the effect of breaking the cells of the leaf which will release enzymes allowing a better fermentation.
  3. the leaves are left to rest for 1 to 3 hours in a warm and humid room, this is the fermentation process.
  4. the desiccation allows to stop the fermentation of the leaves, subjected to a temperature of 90 ° C.
White Tea

Because it undergoes no fermentation, White Tea is recognizable and renowned for its subtle and delicate taste. Some say it is the most noble of Teas.

White Tea is the one that knows the weakest transformation compared to the fresh Tea leaf. It undergoes only 2 stages, which allows it to preserve its properties: withering then drying. It is with Green Tea, the Tea category that offers the highest concentration of catechins.

Blue Tea (Oolong)

Oolong Tea is also called Blue Tea, in reference to the color of infused leaves. Oolong Tea is a semi-oxidized Tea: its oxidation has not been completed. For this category of Tea, ripe leaves are often used, which then contain less tannins and caffeine. Oolong is a Fujian specialty in China and Taiwan.

« Tea brings to the skin incredible beneficial effects thanks to Theine and Polyphenols, powerful antioxidants. Moreover, Tea is highly tolerant in cosmetic use: it’s not associated with any adverse effect, either in irritation terms or allergy. Such efficacy coupled with such cutaneous safety could only inspire the formulation of a whole range of tea-based cosmeceuticals! »

Dr Assia Clément – Director of Operations