THÉMAÉ: an asset to renew or complete your offer

You manage an hotel or urban Spa or a beauty salon? Offer a universe of naturalness and sensoriality, combining performance and well-being.

Our brand is differentiated by its expertise of beauty by Tea. Pioneer in the field, it is based on the virtues of this millennial plant, in particular for the scientifically proven antioxidant qualities. THÉMAÉ is recognized for the quality and the originality of its protocols of treatment and its cosmeceutical face & body products.

A complete and original offer to differentiate you


A wide menu of exclusive Face & Body treatment Ceremonies inspired by the best techniques of the world, combining well-being and sensoriality.

The Tea treatment ceremony: the efficacy of THÉMAÉ treatment is guaranteed by the high quality of its protocols, the cosmeceuticals used and its initial & continuous training.


A range of cosmeceutical face & body, short and targeted, Complexe 4 Thés® (4 Tea Complex), combining quality, efficacy and sensoriality.

The Complexe des 4 Thés® (4 Tea Complex): the THÉMAÉ laboratory has developed a totally unique technology, in order to use the protective force of Tea. It concentrates the antioxidant of the antiradical potency of Polyphenols extracted from 4 premium Teas: white Tea, green Tea, black Tea, blue Tea.


A collection of refined THÉMAÉ Teas, to be tasted without moderation to optimize the antioxidant protection.

The antioxidant defense strategy “IN & OUT TEA THERAPY”, allows to act from outside and inside by associating the range of cosmeceuticals to the collection of Tea to be tasted on a daily basis. This “shock” program offers the “effective dose” of Polyphenols to naturally fight free radicals.

Commercial support

The Commercial Team supports you in your development:
A dedicated sales manager

A dedicated sales manager provides regular monitoring and attentive listening throughout the year.


Auto-animations are offered to boost your sales.

Merchandising advice

Merchandising advice is provided to script your point of sale.

Providers of reliable equipment

Providers of reliable equipment are advised if necessary.

Marketing & Communication Support

The Marketing & Communication Team offers you offers and tools adapted to your activity:
A calendar of promotional offers

A calendar of promotional offers to boost your point of sale throughout the year.

Launching products

Launching products to better meet the needs of your customers.

Visuals, brochures, posters and other sales media

Visuals, brochures, posters and other sales media designed to stage your spaces.

A collection of quality linen

A collection of quality linen to dress up your treatment booths.

Professional outfit

Professional outfit, combining aesthetics and practicality, designed by and for Spa practitioners.

Press relations at the national and international level

Press relations at the national and international level, to ensure brand visibility, through press articles and advertising.

A digital accompaniment

A digital accompaniment

Training programs

The Training Team guarantees an optimal product &treatment knowledge:

Training at the Spa THÉMAÉ Paris or on site.

Training modules adapted

Training modules adapted to your activity (face treatments, body treatments, massages, sale of cosmeceuticals and Teas).

Training guides

Training guides submitted to continue and perfect the THÉMAÉtreatment experience in your Spa.

Training diploma THÉMAÉ

Training diploma THÉMAÉ offered, to value your acquired.

Regular site monitoring

Regular site monitoring thanks to our sales managers benefiting from extensive Spa knowledge, to provide sales training according to your needs.

@ e-learning available 24 hours a day

@ e-learning available 24 hours a day, to see and review videos of treatment protocols.

« Since I know THÉMAÉ, I swear by your products, I’m not ready to change, and I do not feel absolutely the need to test others, or to have another brand to sell…

I am a faithful and I do not want to work with you any more, especially since the Team is great and always listening to me. »

Elise Moy – Appar’thé Institute