The intelligence of Tea at the service of beauty

The range of natural cosmeceuticals THÉMAÉ sublimates Tea in all its forms and offers a true concentrate of antioxidants. The Complexe des 4 Thés® (4 Tea Complex), at the heart of each formula, acts as a “high protection shield” on a cellular level.

Developed and manufactured by its French laboratory according to European requirements, its formula are composed in major part of natural ingredients of plant origin, proven to be effective and, in some cases, patented.

An antioxidant strategy against skin aging

The Tea plant, in response to multiple biological aggressors, has developed complex defense strategies, by surrounding molecules endowed with specific properties. It contains more than 500 active compounds, including Polyphenols.

According to many international scientific studies, EGCC Polyphenols, “the intelligent part of Tea”, are the most powerful antioxidants in the world. The THÉMAÉ laboratory has developed a totally unique technology, the Complexe des 4 Thés® (4 Tea Complex), which concentrates the antioxidant power of Polyphenols, extracted from 4 premium Teas: White Tea + Green Tea + Black Tea + Blue Tea.

Facial Cosmeceutical range

The Cosmeceuticals products for the face are a true concentrate of efficacy, for the beauty of all skin types. The Complexe des 4 Thés® (4 Tea Complex) is enriched with carefully selected targeted actives ingredients from natural plant origin or derived from biotechnology. You will find all the necessary products for your daily beau’tea-healthy routine including cleansing, nourishing, moisturizing, mattifying, plumping or smoothing in the form of cleanser, serum, exfoliant, mask and cream…

Body Cosmeceutical range

Formulated with the Complexe des 4 Thés® (4 Tea Complex), our range of Body Cosmeceuticals is ideal to preserve the beauty and youth of skin on a daily basis. On top, the melting textures of our balms and smooth creams offer a real moment of pleasure. Our oils nourish, moisturize and restructure the epidermis. The skin is silky and delicately scented.


The COSMECEUTICALS CLEAN BEAU’TEA CHARTER shows the THÉMAÉ commitment to respect the skin and the environment :

More than 80% of natural ingredients in average

  7 formulas contain organic ingredients + 2 formulas respect the Cosmebio charter

Paraben free
Animal origin ingredient free* and no animal testing

As requested by the European regulation.

*except beeswax, honey and collagen for some products

Enriched** with naturally pure spring water

Rich in calcium and magnesium, it is associated with a demineralized water, respectful for the skin.

**except for oily products

Professional Spa Range

THÉMAÉ offers a range of exclusive treatments and natural cosmeceuticals for wellness professionals (urban Spas, hotel Spas, beauty institutes), for them to feature the THÉMAÉ experience in cabin. Associated with THÉMAÉ facial and body treatment protocols, they use the same advanced formulas as the take-home range. Specific references exclusive to professionals complete the offer: peeling with fruit enzymes, pure active collagen mask, second skin mask with spirulina, body wraps…

Range of hospitality products

THÉMAÉ also enjoys presence in the hotel room, with its range of amenities. When hotel managers choose the THÉMAÉ brand, they adopt a range that is both premium and naturally original: offering their customers cosmeceutical quality products, as well as a real sensory experience.

« Discovering THÉMAÉ is opening the door to the richness and the incredible virtues of this millenary plant … Passionate myself by Tea for many years, I am grateful to have the privilege to imagine cosmeceutical products based on the powerful 4 Tea Complex is a chance. I am keen to offer ultra-sensory textures, associated with subtle, delicate and addictive scents. THÉMAÉ is an experience to live like a discovery, a renewed pleasure and an absolute well-being … »

Aurèle Duc – Marketing & Communication Manager