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THÉMAÉ facials and body treatments offer a new experience to relish like a rare tea from a distant land, at the Spa or simply at home...

Our history

THÉMAÉ is an independent French brand and a tea beauty expert.
Established in April 2007, the brand draws its inspiration from the art and culture of tea.

Its name ``THÉMAÉ`` comes from the Japanese, meaning ``the various phases in preparing and presenting the tea ceremony.`` The beneficial virtues of tea influence the body and mind as well as inner beauty... THÉMAÉ's philosophy relies on this original double approach, which combines treatment efficacy with deep wellness.

THÉMAÉ symbolizes a world of refinement, beauty and wellness, which is brought to life in a Spa situated between the Place des Victoires and the Louvre in Paris. It is reflected across a range of expert body and face treatments, as well as a line of natural cosmetics with the Complexe des 4 Thés® (4 Teas Elixir) offering all the virtues of this millennia-old plant.

``Beauty reflects a connection between your inner life and cosmetic benefits. Genuine beauty is seen when we are filled with joy and wellness. I cherish the idea that touch has comforting and therapeutic powers essential to wellness. Touch finds its place at the heart of the Spa. More than just a relaxation area, the spa offers everyone a wellness experience that is essential in the search for balance and harmony. This philosophy forms the cornerstone of the development of our cosmetic formulas based on tea.``
Guillaume Lefèvre

Our values

THÉMAÉ staff envelop you with their expertise, allowing you to savor all the benefits of our treatments.

Respect for people and their environment is our priority.

We are constantly striving to offer you increasingly innovative products and services to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Our treatments meet strict effectiveness criteria, providing you with lasting wellness benefits and quality results.