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Brosse visage Pur Théïshu


Facial cleansing Brush

The Pur Théïshu Brush combines with Crème de Mousse Pur Théïshu and Masque Thé d’Argile, for deep cleansing of the skin.

Its condensed and ultra-silky hairs offer the skin an incomparable softness.


Use with Crème de Mousse Pur Théïshu: moisten the brush with water, put the equivalent of the size of a “pea” of Crème de Mousse Pur Théïshu. Emulsify the brush against your palm to create the foam. Put the brush on the whole face smoothing with a slight pressure. Make circular movements on the entire face and neck, then rinse with clear water.

Use with Thé d’Argile: apply the mask in a thin layer and leave for 10 minutes. Before rinsing, emulsify the Thé d’Argile with the moistened brush for about 1 minute for thorough cleaning. Rinse with fresh water.
Care tip for your Brosse Pur Théïshu: after each use, clean it with soapy water and wring it out. Dry with a terry cloth or tissues.

To optimize the results of the use of the Brosse Pur Théïshu and keep a detoxified skin, bring an extra dose of antioxidants thanks to the Vitalithé Tea, rich in polyphenols (catechins). The Japanese Sencha Green Tea contained in the Vitalithé Tea is recognized for its ultra detoxifying virtues.

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