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Green and black teas – Sweet mint, peppermint, rose petals, orange blossom

22 biodegradable muslin sachets in 100% organic cotton


A powerful blend of Green Tea and Black Tea “Rose Congou” from China. Fresh peppermint leaves, real red rose petals and orange blossom aromas recall the scents of the Orient, in a remarkable freshness.

Equally delicious as a comforting hot tea or a refreshing iced tea




For a comforting hot Tea:
Infusion temperature: 75 ° C (if you do not have a thermostat kettle, boil the water and let it sit without the lid for 5 minutes)
Infusion time: 3 minutes

For a refreshing iced Tea:
To fully enjoy the benefits of Iced Tea Enchanthé enjoy all its richness in Vitamin C :  let brew a few hours ( minimum 1 hour) a tea bag for 2 liters of water and leave to rest in refrigerator. Remove the teabag and enjoy.
You can also prepare your iced Tea the night before and let it brew overnight.
Tip: Tea will keep cool 48 hours

For an optimal antioxidant dose, it is advisable to drink 3 to 4 cups of tea every day.

The boiling water, poured directly on the green tea leaves, weakens them: it can bring out the bitterness and prevent the tea from displaying its true aromas.
To optimize the antioxidant results of Enchanthé tea, apply on your cleansed face a few drops Huile des 4 Thés® followed by crème Stratégie Hydratation. On the body, apply the Baume Délicieux Thé in the Orient. You will bring the right dose of antioxidants.

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Blend of Green Tea from China, Black Tea “Rose Congou” from China, Sweet Mint Leaves, Peppermint Leaf, Red Rose Petals, Aromas: Mint, Orange Blossom, Rose

Biodegradable muslin sachets in 100% organic cotton


INGREDIENTS : Green teas from China, black tea from China with rose. Mint. Orange blossom, mint and rose flavours. Rose petals.

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