Cocoon Massage 75 min

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Cocoon Massage 75 min

Cocoon Massage

Price 159,00 €

Duration 75 min

This gentle and enveloping massage is particularly adapted to the specific needs of future mothers*, like a true cocooning interlude. Comfortably seated on a soft footstool (arms and head relaxing on the massage bed), a deeply relaxing back massage begins, followed by the application of comforting warm towels. The treatment continues as you lay on your back, for maximum comfort. It intensely relaxes the muscles of the legs and back, while relieving tension and discomfort related to pregnancy. A unique moment of relaxation to live your pregnancy in a great serenity.
The + of the 75 min treatment: this privileged Cocoon Massage offers the future mother the luxury of enjoying a long interlude of well-being … According to her desires, she can benefit from an additional targeted massage of a particular zone. An ultra-pampering treatment…
To practice from the 3rd month until the end of the pregnancy.
* not subject to medical contraindications