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    Starting session + 3 follow-up sessions + 1 month of slimming menus


    1. You order your Naturo'Coaching Assessment, indicating your contact details.

    2. Your Naturo'Coach contacts you to define together the day and time of your visio-consultation.

    3. You receive a pre-questionnaire by email. As your Naturo'Coach is also an iridologist, you can also send a photo of your eyes. This information will enable him to prepare the assessment in the best possible way.

    4. You carry out your Naturo'Coaching assessment in visio-consultation via the application of your choice: Zoom, Skype, Whatsapp, Facetime or Messenger.

    5. A summary of the recommendations is sent to you by email, so that you can take full advantage of your session: dietary advice, lifestyle advice and suggestions for food supplements (if applicable).

    6. A follow-up session is recommended, approximately 6 weeks after the assessment, in order to take stock, evaluate the improvements and adjust the advice if necessary.


      It is aimed at everyone:

    - to optimise the general state of health (immunity, tone, recovery...)

    - to help you achieve your shape

    - to solve a problem of sleep or stress

    - to slow down the effects of time

    - to support all the systems of the human body (nervous, digestive, circulatory, osteo-articular, respiratory systems...)

    - to support all the systems of the human body (nervous, digestive, circulatory, osteo-articular, respiratory systems...)

    Because beauty goes beyond appearance and reflects our true inner health, THÉMAÉ launches its digital platform "COACHING BIEN ÊTRE".

    This platform combines scientific efficiency and digital modernity: visio-consultations and personalised follow-ups, designed to improve longevity, strengthen the immune system, control weight and enhance beauty, at the pace of each individual's life.

    THÉMAÉ has been a pioneer in alternative beauty care for almost 15 years.

    Our antioxidant skincare strategy "In&Out Tea Therapy" meets this objective by combining natural biotechnological cosmeceuticals (the 4 Tea® Complex) with a collection of Organic Active Teas that deliver the daily effective dose of polyphenols to the body. These two routes of administration (topical and oral) of antioxidants mean that the skin is targeted from within and without, to optimise its overall health.
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    The world of beauty is changing, THÉMAÉ is with you!


    Starting with good practices in the morning will guarantee your health and vitality. What to eat?

    - Wholegrain products, without added sugar (cereal flakes, wholemeal bread or sourdough bread). They are rich in soluble and insoluble fibres, which help to normalise intestinal transit and reduce the glycemic index of the meal. They provide energy and promote a lasting feeling of satiety for most of the day.

    - Good quality fats are essential. Fats (butter, almond puree, avocado) will reduce the rate of sugar assimilation. They are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. They are important for the flexibility of cell membranes and for good information between cells.

    - Animal proteins (meat, fish, eggs, cheese): They will also reduce the glycemic index of the meal and contribute to an increase in satiety (all the more interesting for people who want to lose weight). Moreover, proteins are responsible for ensuring the proper functioning of the body, as well as its maintenance. They enable all the secretions of your body (hormonal and enzymatic). Our body does not store proteins, so it is necessary to have regular intakes.

    Other tips for your figure and vitality:

    - Favour tea, rich in antioxidants.

    - Avoid coffee if you have gastric sensitivity.

    - Avoid whole fruit or fruit juice because fruit is not digested in the stomach. While waiting to reach the intestine with the other foods, the fruit ferments during the digestion of the other foods in the stomach

    - Use a vegetable milk: almond milk, rice milk, oat milk, spelt milk, hazelnut milk.

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