KO BI DO facial massage treatment


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    This global anti-ageing facial, inspired by the Japanese facial massage "Ko bi do", offers a "shot" of firmness and vitality to the whole face and neck.

    After a complete double cleansing, which oxygenates the skin, a Japanese "Ko bi do" facial massage is then given, like a real natural lifting. This ancestral visible rejuvenation technique is composed of precise, rhythmic and tonic manual manoeuvres on the whole face (forehead, cheeks, eye contour, lips & its contours, oval and neck). The targeted use of Ridokis and Nouat naas, stimulating and firming accessories, complete the effectiveness. The face is ready to receive the V-Lift Mask. This mask, impregnated with a serum enriched with hyaluronic acid and tensing agents, reinforces the lifting effect. For optimal relaxation, a massage of the arms, hands and feet is finally combined with ultra-reinforcing hot towels... Perfectly relaxed, the face naturally regains its youthfulness and firmness.

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